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Storage While Moving House

Moving House can be a frustrating experience, but the process can be made easier with one of our Storage Units. Our Storage Units are commonly used as temporary storage for some or all of the following items; Furniture, Clothes, Beds, Household Electronics & Lawn equipment.

Moving Tips

1. Moving Plan - Give yourself ample time to plan and organise moving house to ensure a smooth, hassle-free experience.

2. Find a reliable removals company  that gives you a sense of comfort and trust ensuring your belongings arrive safely at your new home.

3. Decide what you'll keep and what you'll dispose of when you move, go through each room and make a list of what's going with you and what's not.

4. Use your moving house checklist to obtain an accurate quote from local removals companies.. The more accurate your list the more cost effective it will be when moving house.

5. Start packing as early as you can. Begin by disposing of items you don't wish to take with you then move to items that you use the least in your daily life. Keep the items you use regularly and pack them last.

6. Take any items you will be putting into storage to the self storage facility to make life easier for yourself when you're moving.

7. Label your packing boxes to make it easier to identify which boxes should be packed first (heavier boxes) and which boxes should be packed last (lighter boxes with glassware etc).

8. Furniture Removals - Protect your furniture by covering soft items such as cushions with plastic wrapping. Tape loose items onto the furniture if desired or store separately to find them easier after moving.

9. On the day of moving, start early to ensure everything is ready and accessible for the removal company. This will ensure that your items are packed safely during transit and will make it easier for you to unpack after moving.


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